Stuur My.

"Stuur my", is the second gospel album released by Charlie. This album follows the same peaceful pattern of music that was set with her previous gospel release "My Heer is naby". The title track "Stuur my" has a special message related to ones' Christianity and is one of six tracks on this album that was composed by Charlie.

Throughout the album, the message of hope is significant. The tail end of the album was reserved for a few instrumental arrangements to close off the listening experience in a meditive manner.

This album is proof that Charlie has grown into the way that she spreads a message of hope through her music.

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1. This is my prayer
2. Stuur my
3. I saw Jesus
4. Wie kan teen jou wees?
5. The other side
6. Ashoop van die lewe
7. St. Theresa's prayer
8. Ek wil my gedagtes rig
9. Hoe groot is U
10. Gees van die waarheid
11. Lord You're worthy
12. Laat Heer U vrede deur my vloei
13. Leer my U wil Heer
14. Heilige Gees
15. Seënbede / The Lord bless You
16. Leer my U wil Heer (instr.)
17. St. Theresa's prayer (instr.)
18. Ashoop van die lewe (instr.)
19. Heilige Gees (instr.)

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