My Heer is naby.

"My Heer is naby" has a very special sentiment for the artist. After a professional singing career of two decades, Charlie released her first all-gospel album at the end of 2002. The fans became aware of the fact that Charlie records and performs not only country and middle of the road music, but also features in the gospel genre. This marked a new phase in the singing career of Charlie Dicks.

Being involved in the different elements of a CD of this nature was a very memorable experience for Charlie. She shares a piece of her heart with every one who cares to listen to this album.

The title track "My Heer is naby" is one of Charlie's own compositions and the arrangement compliments the lyrics. Not only the title track, but the complete album promises to become one of the most favourite gospel albums of it's time.

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1. That's why
2. My Heer is naby
3. I believe
4. Ek wil wandel
5. Holy Spirit
6. Ek roem U naam
7. Lord we praise You
8. Kom Heil'ge Gees
9. If that isn't love
10. Vul my hart
11. One day at a time
12. Across the bridge
13. Ek wil wandel (instr.)
14. Vul my hart (instr.)
15. Ek roem U naam (instr.)

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