My Gospel Memoirs.

"My Gospel Memoirs" is the first DVD released by Charlie Dicks and promises to be warmly received by the public. The DVD has three selections. First on the list is an opportunity to peak at what goes on behind the scenes. One can share some of the excitement when preparing for such a production. The second selection is the actual show, where Charlie performs 16 of her most memorable gospel songs. When the third selection is made, opinions and views, in an informal manner, from audience members who attended the recording, can be heard. One conclusion was drawn from these views... "AN AMAZING SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE!"

The artist's ability to bond with her audience creates the mood for the viewer to experience the performance as if part of the actual audience. The combination of a well balanced spiritual ambience and a mellow intimate feel, most certainly contribute to the popularity of the DVD. Experience "My Gospel Memoirs"!

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Track Listing
1. That's why
2. Ek wil wandel
3. Wie kan teen jou wees
4. The other side
5. If that isn't love
6. I believe
7. Vul my hart
8. Ek wil my gedagtes rig
9. Hoe groot is U
10. I saw Jesus
11. Ashoop van die lewe
12. Stuur my
13. St. Theresa's prayer
14. My Heer is naby
15. This is my prayer
16. One day at a time

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