Country Souvenirs.

Twenty five years in the music industry as a performing artist and still going strong, calls for a celebration! To mark this special 25th birthday, Charlie Dicks re-recorded 36 of her hits, preserved the original identity of the songs and simply called it "Country Souvenirs".

"Country Souvenirs" consists of 36 evergreen songs, which will turn on any music lover's memories. This double album is a true souvenir and promises to fall softly on the ear of more than just country music lovers.

Although all the songs were re-recorded to give the listener a more sophisticated listening experience than 25 years ago, special care was taken to preserve the identity of the songs.

Charlie also included her signature song "Medals for Mothers" on this album. Possibly the best version that she ever recorded. "Country Souvenirs" is an any-occasions-album; easy listening music and without a doubt timeless.

Although Charlie performed and featured strongly on the gospel-front the past few years, she never bid country music goodbye; after all, the name Charlie Dicks is synonymous with country music. Charlie chooses to believe that a song is simply a form of conversation added to a melody; a communication tool; whether it be to spread a ray of hope, or to create a relaxing atmosphere for her audiences, she enjoys every minute of it! "Music is a precious gift that I will always treasure! To celebrate twenty five years in the music industry is not an achievement, it is grace!" says Charlie Dicks.

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Track Listing - CD 1Listen to tracks
1. Medals for mothers
2. Walking piece of heaven
3. My broken souvenirs
4. Wishes
5. Green to blue
6. I do
7. Somewhere between
8. Mr Fire eyes
9. Halfway to paradise
10. Is it really love
11. 'Till I waltz again with you
12. It should've been easy
13. Do me with love
14. Paper roses
15. Mama's never seen those eyes
16. I'll get over you
17. Across the bridge
18. Three wooden crosses

Track Listing - CD 2
1. The French song
2. Rose Garden
3. It's a lovely lovely world
4. Sailor
5. Heartaches by the number
6. Let's keep it that way
7. Foolin 'round
8. Red sails in the sunset
9. Stand beside me
10. Jealous heart
11. Crying my heart out
12. Picking up pebbles
13. Daydreams
14. All kinds of everything
15. Live for today
16. Vaya con dios
17. If that isn't love
18. This is my prayer

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